Congruent Staking

A new staking platform for Cardano
Ticker: CONGR - Pool ID: pool1nyj2wwps0nk9kn48rtqck5876la35k3j4talj24gpvnauxqsfh3
Fixed cost: 340₳ - Margin: 2% - Delegators: 2 - Last updated: Sep 9, 2021

How to Stake With Congruent From Kraken

2021-09-24 23:24:19 +0200 CEST

You should consider staking with Congruent. I have years of experience in managing servers and network infrastructure and, although the pool is young, I am quite dedicated to it and to the Cardano community. To help the Cardano community you should seriously consider staking your ADA with a pool with low saturation (meaning not too many people staking on it). That would help keeping the network centralized and egalitarian. Here is a guide in case you bought your ADA through Kraken. Read more

Optimizing Relay Memory Usage

2021-09-20 23:58:28 +0200 CEST

Today my relay node started to have some memory problems. When that happens, I have my monitoring setup notify me via Telegram via some rules I have set up. The rule about memory is a bit simplistic (alert me if memory usage is < 50%) but it works. Once I saw the cardano node executable flapping a few times, it was clear that some optimizations needed to be done. That or move to a bigger server, which would mean twice as expensive. Read more

Use Json APIs in Hugo

2021-09-18 18:00:24 +0200 CEST

Today I wanted to insert some live data in Hugo, the static site generator I am using for Congruent. It does not need to be real-time: as long as it is updated regularly and visitors are aware when was the last updated time, it is sufficient. Hugo offers functions that extend what is included in Golang template language. The function getJSON can be used to get remote data, which I am using in conjunction with Adapools JSON output to get public data about my stake pool. Read more